I could not be more excited to have you here as part of The Parent With Clarity Academy!

I am constantly amazed and in awe of the parents that enroll and their parenting achievements after getting started.

I want to hear from you. I want to learn about you. I want to help you discover the possibilities of our support and the benefits we can bring to you and your family!

joy + gratitude,


some deets on what’s next


You will get instant access to the member site. If you haven’t already gotten your email with username and password information it should be on it’s way shortly. 


Remember – each month we’ll be adding something to the Toolbox; be sure to subscribe to the member only newsletter here to get notified.


Please be sure to click on the “DASHBOARD” link above or in your welcome email; it’s chalk full of helpful tidbits in navigating the members site.


You will have access to a community of current members on Facebook and within the Member site. Please know your participation within the membership site or on Facebook is not a requirement for completing a course. However in order to maximaize the benefits of the membership it is recommended you join either or both of the groups. 


The actual content of the each course can be consumed quickly and easily! That’s great for busy parents like you! Putting it into practice is a whole other ball game so please know it may take some time before you can put everything into action and see results.

quick recap… your next steps include…


Check your inbox for your confirmation email. This will include your username and link to login to the members site. If you do not receive it, please email us at members@parentpiphany.com.


You can use the menu at the top of this page (or the button below) to login and head over to your member dashboad. Be sure to bookmark the link for quick reference. 


Lots of magic and connection will be happening in two locations – first, our member only area within the member site and two, our members only Facebook group. Both communities are only available to members. Take a moment to jump on over and request access to our Facebook group.

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